About Me

Online Persona
My main is a Holy Priest, with a Shadow offspec. I have in the past preferred Discipline (i.e. Wrath); however, after reluctantly switching to holy for Cataclysm 10mans, I have actually grown to really like it, and am actually hesitant to switch back, even for fights like heroic Halfus.
I have a number of alts including a Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, and every 12-year-old's favorite class: DK.
Currently I am in the guild Jubilance and have no intentions on leaving. I play on the Muradin (US) server (-6 GMT is server time), which through Wrath bounced around between a low and medium population server, but in more recent days has been downgraded further into a "New Players" realm.
I raid in a 10man group, which normally raids two nights a week (Tuesdays, and Wednesdays) from 7:15 ST to 10:30 ST. Currently (Feb. 9, 2011) we are 9/12 in Tier 1 Cata content. Given our very short amount of time we have spent on this content (now on our 4th full week) I think we are making very good progress, but with the intent of getting a little further ahead in progression, and maybe beating out some of those other guilds ahead of us, we will be going to two hours of raiding on Thursday nights as well for a short period.

Real Life

I am a 24 year old student. I am currently studying Business, specializing in accounting. I already have a 4yr honours degree in Psychology (after a few years I knew it was unlikely I would ever get a job in this field that would be interesting to me but I decided to stick it out). While not "married" I am in a committed relationship of 6.5 years. In addition to WoW I like to play all varieties of sports, including Volleyball, Soccer (aka. Football for all of you who are NOT silly), and Curling, as well as other video games (Starcraft, Halo, and in the past WC3 took around as much of my time as WoW does now). I do spend far too much of my time playing WoW, and probably not nearly as much as I should studying (don't follow in my footsteps!). I have a few real life friends that play WoW, although not in the same guild, including friends from University, College, and Highschool. It should also be noted that while I have not met any of the people I raid with, I would consider them (some more than others!) my friends as well, and any of them would be welcome to come visit sometime *hint hint*.
P.S. Anyone with any leads on good CGA jobs in Canada I am currently looking for a place to contribute to my "don't want to be hungry or cold fund," so let me know!