Saturday, February 26, 2011


Anyone that hasn't checked out our Cho'gall kill video should, make special note of the fact that apparently Reflektions (the PoV of the video) is waiting on an important mail message that just couldn't wait till after raid!


Jubilance tends to go through periods of no applicants, followed by huge numbers of them for a very short period of time. I haven't really noticed that the increase occurs around guild achievements (boss kills, etc.), it just seems to be completely random. We just went through a bit of one of these phases, very welcomed to say the least, as our second ten man is still trying to get off the ground, and the one I am in has been looking for a back-up or two.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Success in WoW and Life

The other night my friend, named in game as Sail (and soon Qail, as he switches mains from a warrior to a rogue), were sitting around talking, playing some Call of Duty and drinking a few Heinekin (okay, he was playing, I was drinking...) and we got talking about some of the people we knew in game. We both tend to be in fairly social guilds, and as such know quite a bit about the real world personas of our fellow raiders and ingame friends. One of the things that we quickly got caught up in is that so many of the people we know seem to be extremely successful in Real Life. In fact, we seemed to notice a correlation between successful raiders being successful in their vocations.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Thought for the Day

After taking bread out to make sandwiches: Do NOT wait 30 minutes for the servers to come down before completing them and putting them in a nice airlocked container...The bread becomes quite dry and crusty :(

Update: They were still delicious!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Site Updates

I will be probably taking a bit of a break from actual posts as I try to get the blog set up a bit better than it has been. This will include:
  • Video Page
  • About Me Page
  • About Jubilance Page
  • Guide to Encounters Page
I will be adding to the list as neccessary and crossing things out as I am done them, so that should give people an idea of how far along I am!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Okay this is getting a little ridiculous...three posts in one day?! what's up with me?!
Well this post is going to be very ranty and I warn you now, if your not into that sort of thing stop reading now. (I know, who really stops reading when someone puts that disclaimer up right?)


Well after weeks upon weeks of grinding, countless hours or tedium, and a number of other ways that make this sound a lot worse than it was:


Bazain contibuted probably the most to this achieve, he was constantly out there fishing, but everyone in the guild put a bit of work into this I think. We capped it off with a 6 hour grind for the last 2 000 this afternoon, and we had 5-6 people out there the whole time, hopefully this will help out a bit for the people that don't have the time to farm for their own needs. Honestly I'm a little unsure of whether it's really worth the time for the ten mans, the 25 raids it is deffinately better, the only advantage is that only four fish need to be caught out of non-pools, in contrast to the eight that we were needing to catch prior to the feast (two mages, one boomkin, three healers all catching sagefish, and the two tanks catching lavascale catfish). Also on the bright side Bazain and I caught around 500 of each guppies and eels so all we need is 500 catfish and we will have 125 feasts! (hopefully that will do us for a few wipes!)

This achievement was a long time in coming for us, but I think it is deffinately one of those neat achieves Blizzard put in to make guilds more important. Honestly I love being part of a guild that can pull together for even something as silly as this.

Healing Chimaeron

Well I don't really post a whole lot of "do this to heal" type posts, but this one may get a little into that sort of situation. I'm going to write a bit about the Chimaeron fight in Black Wing Descent.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Guildy in the Blog-o-sphere

My GuildMaster has just branched out from his blogging on our forums (a whole what 4 times in 2 years? :P) to his very own blogspot blog spot. Check it out! (also a link in the sidebar -->)

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