Jubilance Present
Jubilance currently has been converted into a social experiment in the World of Warcraft. While many of the people I have ran with in the past are there still, the guild structure has taken a change. Most of the “old-school Jubi’s” (i.e. people who raided with us once upon a time) have been promoted to an officer rank, and we have opened up invites to anyone, for use of the guild perks. Everyone in the guild has invite privileges (yes even the lowest ranks) as well as kick privileges (however only to people ranked lower than yourself), and ability to promote people to a rank under you, there is NO bank access however. Basically the old officers thought that with us not raiding we would allow newer players/alts/etc. to make use of our perks, and in exchange there would be that handy little perk constantly contributing gold to the guild bank, that could always be taken out by the GM. It’s an interesting experiment, and so far we haven’t seen a huge influx of people, but it’s good to see the tag Jubilance on a few more people in Azeroth again (whenever I swap over to an alt on that server). 

Jubilance Past
Jubilance is a World of Warcraft guild on the Muradin(US) server. Currently we have two 10man raid groups running. Jubilance is a primarily PVE guild and as such we don't really have any rated battleground groups or normally and arena teams, although we do have a few people who take part in PVP, and are actually quite good at it, however we put the majority of of time into raiding, and preping for raiding. We are always recruiting exceptional players, and are while one of our raid groups is pretty set in stone for roster, we are quite happy to have exceptional players interested in subbing in when someone is unable to make the night. This group raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7-10:30, and Thursdays 8pm (ish) to 10pm (hardstop), with the Thursday being a short term extention to help burn through a bit of progression faster. Our second ten man does not have a firm roster, and so people interested in raiding (that are prepared in terms of gear, research, gems, enchants, etc.) can likely find a spot in this group, if their class is in demand. We are an adult guild, and as such rarely allow people under the age of majority in. The reason for this is that people under this age tend to have less control over how they spend their time, and so are less likely to be able to make raids on a regular basis.

Jubilance Far Past
I have not been around for all of Jubilance's history, however I am going to try to recount a bit of it here, as much as I have learned, and will probably get a little more accurate as I get to the past I have been around for.
Jubilance was first formed as a semi-casual 40man raiding guild in Vanilla. When Burning Crusade was launched, the majority of the membership moved on to other guilds, and was only left with 5 members. The guild builts itself back up and was able to successfully raid through Kara, Gruul, Mag, and SC, they also were able to see, but not completely clear Tempest Keep, and Black Temple.
Enter Wrath. Jubilance was successfully able to raid through Naxx, Ulduar, and ToC. The addition of the Amazingly Talented Disc Priest known as Morituri, occured shortly into ICC when the guild was around 9/12. Jubilance had quite a bit of churn in the raid roster, however picked up a huge number of talented raiders, and became more and more stable, eventually going 9/12 Heroic in ICC 25.
When Cataclysm hit the members were all at various levels of determination and drive to hit raiding. Originally Jubilance had intended to continue raiding 25s, but when it became obvious that it was going to be quite a while before we were able to have a fully ready 25man raid, a few of us started pushing into 10mans. After a few days into this, the officers realized the amount of extra effort that was required to run 25 mans, and this combined with the "ennui" that many of us were feeling, pushed many of the core raiders from ICC into a 10man group. A few members attempted to salvage a 25man group as well, however after numerous setbacks, many of them decided to leave, either WoW completely, or just to another guild, causing a mass exodus of members, as they received offers from other raiding guilds. A few members that had been raid leaders in previous guilds (namely caffeinated) decided to put together a second 10man which was quickly able to get off the ground.