Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just a reminder: Update those add-ons and read up on your class changes PRERAID!
If I get a chance I am going to discuss a few changes that are going to be important to us Healing Priests!

Nefarian down and more wipes Incoming.

Well my last post introduced everyone to the fact that I was applying to another guild. Well I had been planning to raid with Jubilance on the Wednesday, however that did NOT happen. Jubilance did NOT raid on Wednesday, and so I was asked to raid with the guild I applied to. I went in with them, downed some bosses (all farm content, not any of their newer kills or their progression attempts), and had a pretty good time. I was invited to the guild shortly after raid and Morituri is now a member of ShadowRaven-US|Muradin. I wasn't able to raid on the Thursday (I informed them on Wednesday I wouldn't make it, otherwise that would be a really bad introduction to me!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moving on.

I have officially applied with a different guild. To be honest I have a LOT of mixed feelings about it. I really loved pretty much everything about Jubilance, as I hope you have all seen through my posts. When we originally decided to go from a 25man guild to a 10man guild, I was reluctant, but definitely did not put up any sort of fight on the issue, and was quite happy to accommodate the group with my "Mad Healin' Skillz".

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun with Alts

I have been musing the last few days about what my next post should be. Normally I try to not think about it, and let my subconscious decided when I need to write, and what to write about. However due to the latest shout I got from Fannon, I have been watching my stats go up quite a bit faster than usual. In fact with only one post this month so far, I have already hit about 1/4 of my normal monthly views. So I thought I owed it to all you new readers out there (I hope there are some of you anyways...) to be a little more proactive in my writing. I have really struggled with nailing down something to type, I normally like to pick larger topics, things that have been "in vogue" in the blogging community for instance, however today it hit me that what I have been doing to kill time while thinking is the best thing to write about currently: Alts!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Not so Homogeneous

There has been a lot of talk now for the last - well since 4.0 dropped - about class homogenization. For those of you who don't read dictionaries for fun, that means how Blizzard is making all the classes similar, taking away their "uniqueness". Blizzard started with buffs, removing some, and changing others, to make people "bring the raider, not the class". However, people are complaining that the classes are all losing their appeal, the things that people liked about their class are being removed or changed. Although I'm wondering if this is as big of an issue as people are saying it is, are there really too few differences between classes now?