Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last Post

This will probably be my last post on this blog, it's got more or less a little successful at one point, I was up to a few hundred hits a week, most of which were most certainly NOT unique, but it was a start. Then I kinda dropped off, lost my ambition, and try as I may I really can't bring myself to start again. I was just going to leave this blog be as it is, but after reading a blog today I thought I should atleast do my part to pass it on.

For those of you who aren't aware of the blog, The Gold Queen, has been a favourite of those of us that like to have enough gold to do whatever we want, whenever we want (in game). However it was never one that I got into. Having said that, I popped on there today to take a peek while I was a little bored at work and was very sad by the article I read. Apparently a few months ago the writer was gang raped a bunch of men, and is currently recovering. Due to the huge amount of fans she has, and the horribleness of this incident, there has been an overwhelming amount of support. A few people have now organized a "white ribbon compaign." Now don't feel bad if you don't know what that is. I didn't until a few minutes ago (although i kinda picked up on it from the post on her site). The White Ribbon is the symbol of the "campaign against violence against women."

As my final post I'm hoping that a few of you that are still following me (if any of you are) will spread the message about this story, and if you have a few spare bucks sitting around go to one of the below websites and donate.

Once again thanks to those of you that read my blog, pop onto Mug'thol and say hi from time to time.

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