Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well I have noticed a LOT of Archaeology (Arch) guides popping up all over the place, so I have decided that I would take a stab at one myself. I am 525 in Arch, and as I write this I am flying all over Kalimdor working on my trinket, well actually I am working on my staff, but there is only one area that you can dig up Tol`vir fragments, and that is Uldum, so I am going to get my trinket long before my staff I would imagine (currently the only non-common I have left with Night Elves is the trinket, so it shouldn`t be too long now *crosses fingers*). But enough about my Arch (and the evidence that I have too much time on my hands?), my "guide" continues after the break!
This guide will not cover the extreme basics, such as how to actually find the locations on the map, or anything like that, as I mentioned, there are a rediculous number of guides online about the basics, I personally read Asilwen's guilde, or rather recount of her race to the Realm First Achieve (Grats again!).
As I already mentioned, there seems to only be one place where you can find Tol'vir fragments, which is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of Arch to me, and I would imagine a number of other people, because there are a total of six epics that you can get from them, three are cosmetics (a mount, a pet, and a rather amusing use item that summons a herd of scarabs). There are also three amazing items, including the staff, that is second best in slot for spirit staves right now, with the best dropping in a heroic raid. The rest of this "guide" will basically be an overly long list of things I have learned since starting my epic (in terms of time spent) quest to uncover a staff (sick of the reference yet?!)

  1. You are going to be spending an incredible amount of time flying around, I suggest going to windowed mode and watching a movie or something while flying from place to place. I got caught up on a series called "No Ordinary Family".
  2. Hearth is your friend! If you are a mage (first off I hate you...) you should be setting your hearth far away from any location you can portal to, so (examples are for Alliance mages) central Kalimdor, or northern Eastern Kingdoms.
  3. THE NEW PORTALS KICK POSTERIOR (kids may read this :P). If you set your Hearth (or if your a mage whom I hate :P) to Stormwind (or Ogrimmar, but in that case your the wrong Faction!), you can use those new fancy portals to get all over the place. This is especially useful in Kalimdor, where the portals will take you from one end of the continent to the other.
  4. Maybe a little obvious, but even if you don't need, lets say NIGHT ELF fragments, if you do need TOL'VIR fragments, you should still be picking up the NE fragments, in order to get the Tol'vir digsites to "spawn". With only four digsites on each continent, you will be doing this A LOT if your trying for rarer things (like a staff?)
That's about it for now. If I come up with any other little helpful hints I will give them out as well. And if anyone else finds anything else of value let me know too, and I will add them in here (with full credit of course!)

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