Sunday, February 6, 2011


Okay this is getting a little ridiculous...three posts in one day?! what's up with me?!
Well this post is going to be very ranty and I warn you now, if your not into that sort of thing stop reading now. (I know, who really stops reading when someone puts that disclaimer up right?)

I am getting a little sick of people who seem to need handholding. The other night Jubilance had a guild event posted to go and get our 25man heroic LK titles. The week before 10 people had gone and got their 10man titles, and had realized that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to get the 25man title. Brotherhood of Fire, another guild on our server, which in wrath we had been a little competitive with because we were always around the same level of progression, had just got our server first (I know our server is a little behind on the times!), and we were feeling a little left out. Unfortunately, only 17 people signed up, 3 of which were tentative (me included, I was going to go if they needed another healer, but honestly I would have rather taken 10 people to go wipe on Nef for a bit). Well half of those people weren't on. So 15 minutes before raid start time Bazain, who is kind of our resident will-lead-anything-because-I-am-far-too-nice-of-a-guy, and a guild officer, says in guild chat that if there isn't enough people on that are interested we will try to put together a ten man for the mount/achieves/bane title.
Sure enough 7pm (raid start time) comes along and most of the sign ups weren't on. So he announces to the guild that he is going to start a raid. Given that Janyaa and I are the only healers on at that time he whispers both of us to ask if we would go. Janyaa already has every ten man achieve she could get, including the Bane title, but agrees to go anyways, and I agree to go as well. After spamming guild chat for about 5-10 minutes we drag enough dps and tanks kicking and screaming into a raid group. I'm only partially kidding here, at least half of the raid was really only there to help out the other half in getting achievements. When we got to Lady Deathwhisper, and guild achievement spam ensued a dps asks "why didn't I receive an invite" and another responds "because they didn't ask guild....again." Well this is entirely out of line. For starters, the only reason that Bazain was putting this together in the first place was for the sake of the guild, which has been getting more and more annoyed with the fact that the people that were officers in Wrath, have refused to hold their hands and drag them through Cata content (instead opting for the "selfish" route of running a low maintenance 10man progression group with their friends). Then, instead of just out right cancelling the run because people weren't respectful enough to even show up when they sign up, he modifies it in an attempt to help people out, and STILL gets insulted for it.
On top of this I found out tonight that there are a number of people who are suddenly deciding to leave Jubilance, people who were in a second ten man group that they put together. Not only are they leaving Jubilance, but they seem to be jumping to a more progressed guild, which honestly to me seems to be more about going somewhere that they can be handheld through farm content, much like this was ICC over again. When I asked someone about where they were going I was told what guild they were going to, followed by "They're just sick of the leadership here...or rather lack-of". Not only is this an even bigger slap in the face, but it's even more annoying because some of the people who have been jumping, are people who were granted officer status specifically because they expressed interest in starting another set of raid(s), when the officers announced they were going the ten man route. Now lets think about this for a are criticizing the leadership when you ARE the leadership?

Good luck to all of you. I sincerely mean that, this has been a very cathartic (probably spelled wrong...) post for me, I will be moving on now, however I really do hope you have the decency to move on with class, and not badmouth the select leadership you have identified.


  1. Mori, you said so many of the things that I was feeling. I can understand why there were many people who were upset with the changes to raiding, and I have really tried to be sympathetic and help as much as I could, but it's been getting harder and harder to just be blamed as the bad guy. Some people will decide to be victims, no matter what you do.

    The 25man ICC run was kind of the last straw. It was so frustrating to be blamed for not participating, including others, or helping guildies when we had been spamming guild chat, had the event up for a week, and were sitting in mumble one channel down. People really need to be able to be proactive in this game. No matter how much we may be willing to help, you can't spoon feed the game to someone.

    That being said, some of the people who left guild today did so with grace and class. I wish them the best of luck and hope they are happy in their new guild home.

    Hopefully now things will start to settle down.

  2. In the guild I am in, anyone who signed up (confirmed) and do not show up, is demoted and get no guild runs (raids, instances, etc) for 3 weeks (first offense).

    We ended up sliming down the guild to only people who have a brain.

  3. Update: Yes it should be noted that a few of the people that did decide to leave ended up making a post shortly after my rant was published, and did leave with class. I really did mean when I said that I wish them all the best.

  4. @Shannara: Unfortunately given that the server we are on is low pop and has recently been demoted even further to "new players" and our guild has only ever been a 2 night a week guild, it tends to give the casual "show up when you want" attitude to people :(

  5. Ugggh, I hate that. I bet those people just wanted to feel "super special" because they only do things if someone personally asks them...

    You don't need the people who left! Phoo on them! Keep on truckin'!