Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well after weeks upon weeks of grinding, countless hours or tedium, and a number of other ways that make this sound a lot worse than it was:


Bazain contibuted probably the most to this achieve, he was constantly out there fishing, but everyone in the guild put a bit of work into this I think. We capped it off with a 6 hour grind for the last 2 000 this afternoon, and we had 5-6 people out there the whole time, hopefully this will help out a bit for the people that don't have the time to farm for their own needs. Honestly I'm a little unsure of whether it's really worth the time for the ten mans, the 25 raids it is deffinately better, the only advantage is that only four fish need to be caught out of non-pools, in contrast to the eight that we were needing to catch prior to the feast (two mages, one boomkin, three healers all catching sagefish, and the two tanks catching lavascale catfish). Also on the bright side Bazain and I caught around 500 of each guppies and eels so all we need is 500 catfish and we will have 125 feasts! (hopefully that will do us for a few wipes!)

This achievement was a long time in coming for us, but I think it is deffinately one of those neat achieves Blizzard put in to make guilds more important. Honestly I love being part of a guild that can pull together for even something as silly as this.

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