Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where in the Firelands have you been?!

(See what I did there? and know...bah!)
So wow it has been around 5 months since my last post on here, and while I have from time to time had the urge to write a post I just haven't made myself make the time. A lot has happened and I figured I would update this blog, and maybe try to get back into a regular posting schedule.

Goodbye Healing!
Well this post was tied quite a bit around my adventures while healing, whether I was stubbornly holding onto Disc or playing as my eventual favorite spec of holy, I tried to approach this blog from the perspective that only a healer could, after all, we do tend to keep a really good eye on health bars and environmental hazards.
However, as I had wrote I was originally in a guild called Jubilance. During Cata release we swapped from a 25man to a 10man guild, that then had it's ups and downs, and eventually the raiding core decided to move over to another guild on the server ShadowRaven, which was a 25man raiding guild, a bit further progressed then we were. After a few months of raiding there we all started to realize that this wasn't what we were looking for, a few decided to take a break, but the rest of us decided to server transfer with many of the people from another guild on the server. I am now on Mug'Thol, under the name "Moriturri" (some silly lvl 62 DK had my name and Blizz said they couldn't just delete him or something...). Currently I am raiding with the guild: One Last Stand (the guild we transferred to be a part of). This server is quite a nice change at times, pugs regularly clear content on normal, and attempt heroics, and of course everyone's favorite Holy Priest Aliena is on the server with the guild from Tankspot Void.
I suppose that the bigger news for some of you out there may be my conversion to the dark side, or rather Shadowy Side! I am now playing Mainspec Shadow DPS. I actually have only healed in raid once, and that was only for a planned wipe to allow someone to do a quest for the legendary. In fact, I have probably only healed a handful of times since transferring. While I seem to be doing pretty good dps (rarely outside of the top 3 or 4 by the end of a fight) I have noticed that I spend a lot less time paying attention to the raid frames than I used to, in fact probably less than I should, there have been times when I am dps'ing away only to realize that most of the raid is dead and I hadn't even noticed. It's a much different play style!
Having said that: I am loving it! (sorry McDonald's, please don't sue me!).

So if anyone out there is still following me: Feel free to check out our guild! One Last Stand on Mug'Thol (currently as of writing we are 2/7HC, however with those pretty 15% nerfs to heroic we will likely gain a few more kills this week). We are always looking for talented players (especially tanks at this point!). If interested in joining, or even just discussing this blog or playing a priest or anything else feel free to send me a tell!

Good luck in Firelands all, and I hope to be writing a lot more of these!

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