Friday, September 30, 2011

Nerfs: Our love/hate relationship

This week we were able to clear the first three heroic bosses in the first night. While this may not sound like a feat, we are still between permanent tanks, and so spent a few wipes trying out new apps, and letting a few newer, somewhat undergeared players give it some attempts. We also killed Beth for the second time, and this time was a huge amount cleaner, really demonstrating that last time wasn’t a fluke (despite how close of a kill it was). We then went on to work on HC Alysrazor. We only had a few attempts on Tuesday, and went back in on Wednesday ready to spend some time wiping. And we did. But we made progress pretty quickly, with our first entrance into phase two we had her down to below 70%. That showed us how easy that fight would be once we got the mechanics settled into automatic mode. By around 11pm about 2 hours into attempts we downed her. We then went on to take on Baleroc, but only on normal mode. We one shotted him (thankfully, it’s embarrassing when we go from downing a HC mode boss in a single night of attempts to wiping on normal modes!), and moved on to HC Majordomo. On our second attempt of this fight we had him below 20%. Now this fight is more or less a DPS race, with some minor mechanics thrown in, including the one which allows the DPS to make the enrage timer. Of course with DPS races, its rarely the first few percent that a guild wipes on. The next night (Thursday) we went back in and spent less than 5 attempts on this boss, before killing him. Bringing our total count to 5/7 HC, with two those kills in one week.
While I am quite excited about seeing the content this far (I’m sure we will get Baleroc this next week), I am a little concerned about the speed that we, and most other guilds, seem to be progressing after the nerfs, it makes me think that Blizzard has gone overboard on their across the board nerf. Now as I said I am quite happy about our progress, however I wonder how much of our progress is now us just powering through the mechanics, now that we are over-gearing the content by so much. I’m quite happy that we will be hitting the new content close to as well geared as any guild out there as a result of this rapid progression, but I do wish that I could have seen how far we could get without the nerfs.

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