Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moving on.

I have officially applied with a different guild. To be honest I have a LOT of mixed feelings about it. I really loved pretty much everything about Jubilance, as I hope you have all seen through my posts. When we originally decided to go from a 25man guild to a 10man guild, I was reluctant, but definitely did not put up any sort of fight on the issue, and was quite happy to accommodate the group with my "Mad Healin' Skillz".

It has come to a point in the expansion where I have become very frustrated with our group, and I can't specifically put my finger on the reason. I think a lot of it likely comes from the selfishness that any raider has (I think anyways...) of wanting to continue seeing encounters, and downing them. We have been stuck on Nef now for over a month. Having said that, we have probably only put in 4 solid nights of attempts, and our progress has been practically non-existent. One of the reasons for this is that we haven't been able to work on him for long enough to determine what our problems are, our attempts are very erratic and I don't think we have spent more than one night in a row on him. We made a few changes near the end of our last night that seemed to help, and we had plans to make changes on our next attempts that I think will help as well (based on a few different things we have read/seen in videos of successful kills).
I think another reason is just that I see us getting into a very dangerous cycle. We have been expecting to lose a DPS in a short while, as he is about to be deployed for a tour (military), however we were NOT expecting to have to replace a tank, which we just recently had to do. Thankfully we had one that was quite able to step in, the night it was announced in fact, and is doing a great job. The problem is we now have to teach the fights (he's a quick learner, that's going well) and gear him (Nef is pretty rough, he's not exactly a walking brick wall or anything...). And as soon as we're done with that, we will start on the DPS replacement (same deal). We have also had another DPS that I think we all love to death, however he is neck deep in real life commitments, and as much as we hate to do it, we have definitely been making no secret of our  discussion of replacing him. So that's three new people to gear and teach, while we are in the middle of working on the most challenging non-heroic boss of the expansion. On top of that I can (and I'm sure others can as well) tell that there are others that are becoming at least as frustrated as I am. It is reflecting in their (and my) mood, attention, and performance, creating a very nasty feedback cycle between us all, where we all start to fall off on mood, attention, and performance.

I had been talking with a few friends about possibly applying with a different guild for a while, but I'm not sure what my inspiration was that suddenly told me Tuesday morning that it was time to leave. I was really hoping that we could spend Tuesday on Nef, finish him off, and maybe that would be enough of a cathartic release to push me back into this group, however we again were unable (unwilling?) to attempt him, and instead went to clear BoT with heroic Halfus. We were unsuccessful. We wiped a LOT on Halfus, more than we did on our first attempts to be completely honest. And then we wiped on trash getting to the Drakes. And then we wiped on trash several times (or almost wipes where people ran back just as the last people were dying) between the Drakes and Council. Thankfully we finished the night with a 2 shot of council, the kill actually being the smoothest we had done it, however I think the damage had been done. Being almost sure of my intentions to apply else where: going into a raid that was clearly having an off night only cemented my decision. I informed my group over mumble what I had decided and why (citing my belief of the gear/teach-lose one-gear/teach-lose one-etc. that I mentioned above), and then asked an officer of the guild I was planning on applying to if I could sit in and listen on their raid while they finished. Afterwards I talked to their recruitment officer, and made sure that I was sure of my decision.
I am fibbing a bit. I'm writing this before I have actually applied, but will be posting it AFTER wards. Their Application is VERY thorough (something I'm quite impressed and happy about), so it will take me a while to fill out, and I have been putting it off a little, I want to get my last night of raiding in with my currently guild, I still love Jubilance and the people I raid with, and really want to have one last night of fun. I knew that I would meet with a bit of criticism over my decision. I am pretty certain that my leaving will probably kill this group, at least for a while. Healers are hard to come by on our server, and my leaving adds one more link to the cycle of gearing/teaching-losing that I spoke of. Hopefully everyone that this affects will understand my decision and we can remain friends (I have a lot of these people on real-id after all!), and who knows, hopefully we will all end up guilded down the road.
I have a big spot in my heart for Jubilance, and everyone who I have raided with in Jubilance (both wrath 25s and Cata 10s). They were my first REAL raiding guild, they really gave me that chance to get into current raiding and prove myself while learning, getting better, and of course having fun. I will be taking LOTS of screen shots before typing /gquit of me in my tabard, on the roster, and lots of other "Jubi Memorabelia", and hopefully the alt or two that I leave there (probably) and my occasional presence in Jubi Mumble, will always be welcome.
Don't be strangers Jubis.


  1. Good luck as you move on - I hope you find somewhere new that feels like home.

  2. I'm glad you're doing what's right for you, dear Mori! :) I've always loved having toons in SRC - really a great bunch of folks. I doubt if I'll ever play WoW with any seriousness again, but I'm thinking of reactivating my account soon to make newbies with Matt and Lyss. <3 ya