Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nefarian down and more wipes Incoming.

Well my last post introduced everyone to the fact that I was applying to another guild. Well I had been planning to raid with Jubilance on the Wednesday, however that did NOT happen. Jubilance did NOT raid on Wednesday, and so I was asked to raid with the guild I applied to. I went in with them, downed some bosses (all farm content, not any of their newer kills or their progression attempts), and had a pretty good time. I was invited to the guild shortly after raid and Morituri is now a member of ShadowRaven-US|Muradin. I wasn't able to raid on the Thursday (I informed them on Wednesday I wouldn't make it, otherwise that would be a really bad introduction to me!)

I had my first full raid with them last week. We had a pretty off first night, getting Heroic Magmaw and then wiping on Heroic Halfus. We actually only got 5 bosses down that night, but Wednesday we went back in to kill Cho'gal and move on to other bosses. We one shotted Cho'gal and went on to wipe 13 times on Heroic Chimaeron, eventually calling it a night without kill him. Thursday night we only took 3 or 4 attempts to kill Heroic Chimaeron, and then went on to finish off normal Atramedes, Maloriak, and then Nefarian. That's right: I HAVE FINALLY KILLED NEFARIAN! It was very nice to see that fight go so smoothly, we wiped twice trying a new strategy, and then the third time through kinda fluffed it too, but in a way it was salvageable, and went on to finish the encounter. Not only have I killed Nef finally, I also danced on his corpse, stole his gold, and took his mace.
So now that I have a joined a guild that was three bosses more progressed that I was, and killed them all with them, it's time to start dishing out those repair bills for those progression attempts. Next up is Heroic Maloriak (or so my understanding is), and I've been learning new interesting things about the fight via the interwebz. Can't wait to get some serious attempts in on him!


  1. Yay! I was so happy when you got that mace, Mori. I know how much you were wanting it. :)

  2. Yes, that Wednesday was a horrible mistake on my (along with others) leaders. We're never doing 3 paladins on h.chimaeron again. Ever. E V E R!

    But cheers mate!