Thursday, November 11, 2010

Continuing Progression Until Cataclysm

Well it has been a few days since my last post, and I found a bit of time to start another one. It seems that no one has come across this blog yet, which is just as well with me, as I am not entirely comfortable with my "blogging abilities yet". I am going to continue my blog today with a bit of a discussion about our raiding in the final weeks leading up to the new expansion.

This week I wasn't able to make our first raid date, due to some real life (RL) commitments. I was however able to make our second night, Wednesday. On Tuesday without me the guild completed the first 4 bosses on heroic, Rotface and Festergut, also on heroic, and the whole Bloodwing on heroic. They had not gone into the frostwing (although we regualarly do dreamwalker on heroic as well), and had left Professor Putricide.
We started out in Ruby Sanctum, and ROFL-stomped Hallion, I don't think we had a single death, and kept the phasing to around 50% the entire time, it went really smooth. We always take 10 people in Tuesday after our raid and clear trash. Due to the changes to the lockout system, we can clear it on 10man in about 10minutes and then go straight to Hallion on Wednesday, it's a really helpful way of doing it as we can have Hallion down and be back to ICC in 30minutes easily.
We then went on to progression. Thats right, Jubilance has decided that despite Cataclysm dropping in less than one month, we're still quite happy pushing ourselves, sure many guilds have downed bosses before us, but as a two night a week three hour a night raiding guild we haven't put in nearly the time that other guilds have. We have decided to put in attempts on heroic Putricide.
Our first attempt of the night was a little messy, but we still managed about 60%. We have only tried about 2 or 3 attempts, not night, attempts on him prior to this, so it was really amazing to see that much progress on the first attempt. Our next few attempts were not quite as good, as we struggled to find the balance between pushing him to transition and holding off for one more ooze spawn, however we found our "groove" and were consistantly hitting the second transition by around 930 (two hours into our raid, only about 1-1:15 into our attempts). This is where we seem to be having troubles. it's really difficult to communicate that line between pushing the transition and waiting for the next spawn, especially when four of our top six DPS were locks and SPriests, those dots hit like a truck now, and can easily push the last two or three percent while we're dps'ing down oozes.

I should mention here that due to the way our group worked I was actually DPS, rather than healing. This fight actually doesn't make a Disc Priest overly useful in the first 2 phases. I was finding while I was healing that I was making sure I was keeping the plauge victim up for those last few seconds before someone else stepped in to take it, but for the rest of the time I was sitting back wondering what to do. Predictive healing that Disc priests do just isn't helpful for a fight like that it seems (if there are any other Disc priests reading this please feel free to offer suggestions of where I am wrong on this).

It sounds like we will be extending our lockout next week, and given that in one night we were consistantly hitting the second transition, I am really looking forward to destroying Putricide in two nights of attempts. It was a really satisfying night of progression raiding for me, mumble was quite chatty between attempts, which generally means high morale. I think that this decision to continue pushing for progression is the right one for our guild (despite the rediculously huge repair bills, WTF Blizz! my clothy is paying more than my tank used to!), it's I think a good reminder to the raiders of what Cataclysm will be like, especially when we can't expect to have any farm bosses (in raid situations) for the first month of Cataclysm, and every fight will be one to concentrate on. I think this is especially important because we have picked up quite a few new raiders over the last few months, and it gives us a chance to really give them a realistic preview of our progression, and get a feel for them too.

Hopefully I will have another post up in a few days, and will deffinately keep my blog up to date on how next week's attempts (i.e. downing of Putricide, and hopefully attempts on Heroic Sindy) work out. I may even drop the perverbial bomb on a few select people that this blog exists, probably after one more post.

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