Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out of the "Blogging Closet"

Well thanks a LOT Janyaa :

Mori, when are you going to unveil yours? I've been holding my tongue, trying to respect your sense of timing and let you do it when you're ready...but it's killing me!

hehe <3 you

" (-Janyaa)
As you can see Janyaa has "outted" me on our guild forums. While there were a few people that had come across my blog (Pixelated, Janyaa, Apollon, probably others that haven't mentioned it), I hadn't really forced myself to put in the time to make my blog look like I wanted it to, prior to letting too many people know about it. Honestly it looks pretty juvenile, out-of-the-box-like-a-spam-bot-could-have-made-it, and I was meaning to put a little bit of time on the design to make it more personalized and maybe just a touch more navigable. But alas that ship has sailed, my guild has definitely been informed now, as I thought it was probably necessary after the above post, and now when I finally get around to it everyone will see the transformation (that's assuming I can overcome my tendency towards procrastination).
Now that all may have made it sound an awful lot like I'm upset about this turn of events. I am really not. As Janyaa said last night over mumble, she felt like it was time for the mother bird to push it's babies out of the next. Janyaa really was the final push into blogging, so I suppose it's only appropriate that she be the one to give me that final push into the public eye (even if that public may only be the guildies that regularly patronize our forums).
So for those of you who are reading this post on your first visit to my site (I always start at the top too...) I apologize in advance for any wasted time reading a post about how people are going to be reading my posts! And may I suggest starting at the beginning?

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  1. Aww- you know I did it because more people should have the pleasure of reading your posts.

    Besides, it may motivate you to write more!

    As far as design and layout goes, simple is not always bad. Check out Tobold's blog, if you don't believe me. Ultimately, it's the writing that counts.

    However, if you are wanting to spruce things up a bit, I'm happy to help where I can. Just be fair-warned, I'm still fairly clueless myself. Blog Azeroth has a really great section on their forums that has helped me a lot.

    <3 you, buddy. Hope you stick with it. I look forward to reading more from you!