Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Post

Well this is my first blog post ever. I blame Janyaa for starting me down this path, I was quite fine never publishing a blog (although I had the occasional interest, it was never worth my time to actually do anything about it). Ever since
Muradin Musings started getting all this attention on other blogs, Janyaa just can't stop talking about her blog (<3 you) and the constant discussion of it has really pushed me into this. This first post will just be to introduce myself a bit, and maybe talk a bit about the loose bounds that I am going to keep this blog to.

My name is, well for the purpose of this blog, Morituri. I am a 24 year old, currently working on my final year of my second degree. I play a Disc Priest on the Muradin (US) server. I have a number of alts (Prot/"holy" pally, Resto Shaman, farming DK, almost a farming hunter). I am in an adult/social/raiding guild (we understand RL comes first, and only do progression raids 2 nights a week). I have actually only been playing WoW now for about two years now.

I started playing WoW around October or November of 2008 (I think), and although I liked the game, I got bored quickly, I didn't make any social ties, and as a result it was really more of a regular RPG then an MMO. Shortly after I started playing Warhammer came out, and I decided to give it a shot. Again I never really made any ties, and shortly after I started I quit. I realized that one of my friends from highschool was playing and so I decided shortly after the release of WotLK to come back to WoW and start playing with my friend.
From playing Warhammer I knew that healers and tanks were hard to come by, so I asked my friend what his guild needed, he said "we could always use another healer." Well, considering the only class I really recognized as a healing class was a priest, I decided that I should play a priest.
I actually leveled from 1-80 as holy (having leveled several other classes let me tell you that it is a shock I kept with it to 80!). I discovered once I reached 80 and started raiding (this was ToC time) that I was a HORRIBLE holy priest. I was always frustrated because I didn't feel I was a tank healer, and that was what I was always assigned to. So I decided that I would respec Disc because I had heard they were amazing tank healers. I have never regretted going Disc since.
I was in a guild called Avalanche at that point. Its a huge social guild, that gives all members invite privelages so it never really stops growing, there was no interest in raiding however, so I decided to move on, and ended up leaving for Brewfest, where I had met a few people that I knew raided (Sotzil, Kippy, Sap, and a RL friend of mine that I got into WoW, Sail).
Shortly after I switched guilds ICC came out. Sail was a tank for Brewfest, and convinced Sotzil to bring me along, well apparently I was a better healer as Disc, because I kept getting invited back, and when Brewfest broke up, I went to Friends with Benefits with the people listed above. I ended up pugging a few ICCs and VOAs with Jubilance, and eventually when Friends with Benefits was effectively dead I applied there, and ended up being accepted, which is where I am now.

Well this has been a bit of a background story to my WoW habit. We'll see where my rantings take me in the following weeks, or even if I keep this up. I'm not sure how long I intend to go ahead with this blog, or when I will actually tell people about (for now it will just be something some people stumble accross).


  1. Yay! I'm so excited to see you writing. I am officially the first person to stumble onto your blog. Looking forward to reading more! :D

  2. Thanks Janyaa! I was wondering how long until someone came across it. BTW TY for the traffic, your site has resulted in my traffic increasing exponentially!