Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Frustrations of Heroic Professor Putricide

Well we put in attempts last night on H PP. We didn't down him. I found the night very frustrating for two reasons, and no, neither of them had to do with the mechanics, I really do enjoy the fight (although getting targeted by a green ooze, which then bounced me beside an orange ooze, which then targeted me, was a little frustrating). The first, myself and four other guildies started running the "pre-cataclysm-lore-bosses" (you know, the new bosses that are available after defending the capital cities? I don't know what to call them!). We were locked out of ICC for 45minutes past start time, because we had entered "too many instances". None of us had even thought about this issue, after all ICC isn't something you think of as an instance, you think of it as a Raid (or I do anyways). Well that was frustration number one. Self-inflicted. Learn from your mistakes. My apologies for holding up the raid (honestly, I felt and still do feel really bad about it, I was wasting the time of 20 other raiders)

Frustration number two? Well, we had taken a "ready check vote" last Wednesday on whether to extend or not. Apparently one of our raiders didn't get the memo that extending meant not doing the bosses we have on farm, and instead, well, extending our raid lockout (pretty self explanatory to me). This raider, decided that rather than saying, "well you know what, I am sorry but I am not up to this, good luck, let a standby DPS take my spot," they would instead not focus on their role, wait for a res after every wipe (even though the Raid Leaders made it very clear we were to release and run back immediately after a wipe), and AFK every ready check (so the Raid Leader actually had to come on mumble and ask if they were ready). Honestly this is one of the most frustrating things I have experienced since joining Jubilance. We are an extremely low drama guild. We have since I have joined only had one issue of drama. We have also had two "rage /gquits", but those really aren't drama, they're just "/facepalm.....really?" I dont' intend to offend anyone in my guild by this post. It is not intended to "air dirty Jubi Laundry", or stir things up, or even to make a vocal complaint. I am just using this post as both a way to vent (a cathartic release for those of you who put any faith in Freud's theories, which I don't), and as a way of explaining to any of my readers, how frustrating it is, to drag someone through a progression boss, that doesn't want to be there. I think any guild out there would rather bring in a "bench warmer" then go through this.

As an added note, I am not actively "hiding" this blog at all. One of my friends from Jubi (Janyaa) came across it, and has since posted  a link to it on Muradin Musings . So once I get a few more things off my plate and take the time to make this blog "prettier" I will make an "official announcement post" to my guild on the Jubilance Forums .

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  1. I totally agree, Mori. It *is* frustrating to drag someone through a fight when they clearly don't want to be there.